Shimla Municipal Corporation  was established in the mid of  19th  century by the Britishers. The MC Shimla came into being in present form during  mid eighties. Since then  efforts are being  done to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to address and redress the present day needs of the public. With the introduction of information technology in the Govt sector, IT-Cell was also created in the MC Shimla in the year 1995 with the name of Computer Centre. Earlier the work was more of typing nature, however, during the year 1999, sinceere efforts were made to computerize the office working of MC Shimla. During this year UNIX system was introduced. The work was started in MC Shimla on mass scale. However with the advent of Windows based operating system the UNIX system was abandoned.. Subsequently, efforts were made to computerize the working of  MC Shimla.

It was during the year 2004-05, when the IT Deptt. of Govt of HP agreed to help MC Shimla in introducing  e-governance applications. The Govt. of HP has agreed to bear 75 % of the cost in terms of providing hardware. The work was started on war footing scale during the year 2005. The achievements which were accomplished after that in e-governance are as under:

1.       LAN connectivity of various departments of the MC Shimla:

All the departments of MC Shimla are now connected on LAN. We have dedicated lines connecting different buildings located at various places of the town i.e. Padam Dev Complex to Main MC Office and MC Car parking, near lift to Main MC Office, the Mall.  All the braches are able to access the software applications and share their data due  to this connectivity. 

2.      Software Development for MC Shimla: 

With the intervention of IT-Deptt of Govt. of HP, Microsoft Company and their consultant M/S Technorite Consulants were given the work of customization of software for MC Shimla. 

3.   Target Achieved:

a.  MC Treasury (Cash Counter), Double Entry System of Accounting, Water billing, Tax billing,  Death & Birth Certificate,  License of  PFA & Non-PFA, Rent & Lease Billing has been computerized. These applications are running successfully.


            b.    e-Samadhan & e-Service Book Modules:

The modules e-Samadhan & e-Service Book have provided by the Govt. and have been implemented in MC Shimla.


4.     Future Plans: 

MC has plans to computerize all the department and make them online and has planned to On-line 25 ward offices  at various location   in the MC Shimla  in which payment of Water bills and Tax bills will be accepted and multiple services like grievances etc. will be provided in  these offices. In addition MC has plan to introduce Touch Screen facilities for the public. 

5.      Municipal Account Number:

(MAN) MC has plan to give a unique number to every householder for the purpose of maintaining the accounts easily. The details are mentioned with the Account Code.

6.      Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission :  

As per the requirements of the JNNURM an e-Goverance Cell has been created and made functional and all other conditions and the reforms which have been committed in the MOA will be carried out as per the time frame and the commitments given in the MOA.

7.      Infrastructure:     

At present about 77 computers & other hardwares have been installed in various departments and locations of MC Shimla.  The Department is being looked after by Mrs. Mamta Goel  IT Incharge. To assist her there is only one  person in this cell. However, many other employees have been assigned the work of e-governance activities in the individual departments, whose working is also being looked after by this cell.


8.        Sugam Centres: 


The  Municipal Corporation Shimla is going to open 4 No. Sugam Centre at various location within the jurisdiction of M.C. Shimla (viz. Ridge near Padam Dev Complex, Zonal Office Totu, Zonal Office Dhalli, Zonal Office New Shimla.) with the help of IT Deptt. Himachal Pradesh, for providing citizen services to the public. The IT Deptt. will bear the cost for opening these centre and M.C. Shimla has to provide the man power to run these centre. The Sum of Rs. 20,00000 (Twenty lacs) has been approved by IT Deptt. and Ist installment of Rs. 10,00000 (Ten Lacs) has been released to M.C. Shimla.



9. Functioning of e-Goverance-Cell


       1.      Looking after the hardware and software installed in the various deptts. of  MC Shimla

      2.      Taking the backup of whole information of MC Shimla at the end of the day.

      3.      Updating  and reloading  MC web-site from time to time.

      4.      Maintaining online/LAN services in the MC Shimla

      5.      Providing the necessary inputs for development of  Softwares.

      6.      Troubleshooting of the computer systems of MC Shimla

      7.      Providing necessary help and training to the staff of various departments of  MC  Shimla

      8.      Maintaining and providing whole electronic information of MC Shimla.

                  9.      Providing necessary help in JNNURM and other projects of  MC Shimla.