The Present Slaughter House is existing since British days and happens to be one of the oldest Slaughter House of the Country, which is in a dilapidated condition. The existing site is not connected by a proper road where trucks/ load wagons can ply moreover this site is thickly inhabited, hence when the meat is transported on head load by coolies,  there is lot of  resentment amongst  the local residents. Since the distance to meat market is more than a kilometer, the meat being carried on head load is rested on road sides, hence making it unhygienic. The floors and walls are broken where blood, water and excreta is difficult to clean which is a source breeding of flies and worms. Moreover as there are no machines the process of  removing  hides is done by using hands and feet making it unhygienic. Since there is no machine for electrical  stunning , hence this process is not followed thus  flaunting the Act(  Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960 ). Moreover effluent from the existing Slaughter House is going untreated  into the Sewerage System  and the adjoining Nalah for which there has been litigation in the year 2001-2002 in the Hon’ble High Court.

Considering these demerits a project was prepared and sent to the Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India  in the year  1994, which was duly approved on 50:50 basis as a scheme already existed with this Ministry for Modernization of Slaughter Houses in the Country. Moreover, as time passed there has been great revolution in the modernization of Slaughter Houses and strictness/awareness in norms relating to pollution. In addition to this a Comprehensive Industry Document of Slaughter House Meat and Sea Food Processing issued by Central Pollution Control Board and  Chapter 5 of the  Manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management  constituted by Govt. of India, Ministry of Urban Development, New Delhi, dated Jan. 2000 regarding Slaughter House Management also recommend the Modernization of Slaughter Houses. Recently, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has imposed a fine of Rs. 25,000/- on Central Pollution Control Board for its failure to regulate illegal Slaughter House all over the country which are without solid waste disposal facility.


Action Taken.




Conception of Idea/ Project



Approval/ sanction by G.O.I.  vide letter No.18-48/92- LDI, GOI,



Initial cost of sanction


Rs.124.90 lakh on starting 50:50 basis


1st. installment released by G.O.I.   through Director Animal Husbandry vide letter No. AHY-H (I  ) F-7-8/76-IV


Rs. 40.75 Lakh


2nd Installment released to M.C.  by the Govt of H.P. through Deptt. of Animal Husbandry  vide letter No. AHY-F (5)-10/83 GO. HP, AH Deptt

March, 1996

Rs. 20.00 lakh


Next installment released by the Govt. of H.P. through Director Urban Development vide letter No. UD- H (c ) (10)-8/97

21st April, 98

Rs. 75.00 Lakh


Initially site was selected at Boileauganj in Andheri Chak in Kh. No. 575/ 3 at Boileauganj


Being the Forest area the necessary permission was to accord from G.O.I.


G.O.I. accorded necessary Forest clearance  vide letter No. 9-720/99-ROC/1576


G.O.I.  finally accorded forest clearance.


The decision to hand over the construction of Modern Slaughter House to H.P. Housing Board  was taken in the 5th General House of Municipal Corporation Shimla  vide resolution No. 2(2)  on dt.23.8.97



Land handed over to HIMUDA/ HP Housing Board for undertaking construction by M.C. vide letter MCS/ XEN/ Modern Abbettor/ 2001- 8148-57


Land was handed over to Housing Board for starting work.


For Site development Rs. 10 Lakh given to HIMUDA Vide letter No.

May, 2002


The money was given to Forest Deptt. for compensatory afforestation  vide letter No. MCS/ FD/2001-554


Rs. 2,03,000/- for aforestation


Tenders floated by H.P. Housing Board  for hiring consultant.



Money given to Housing Board for consultant 


Rs. 12,98,700/- was given to Housing Board.


Design/ drawing were finalized vide letter No. HPHB/ Arch./ Slaughter House/ 2003 dt. 5.3.2003


Total Project cost inflated to Rs. 1943.34 Lakh.


Refusal for supporting of funding this project by the G.O.I. vide letter 18-33-2003/ Meat-GOI,  Ministry  of Agriculture as the scheme was deleted from the shelf of the Ministry.



The G.O.I. Circulated a letter informing that G.O.I. can release upto Rs. 4.00 Crore for the ongoing project vide letter No. F. No. 18-60/92- Meat Ministry of Agriculture


This money was given to complete the project.


 The  Officer from M.C. Shimla personally visited Ministry of Agriculture G.O.I. for releasing of Rs.4.00 Crore.


Met the Joint Secy., Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs Neeraj Raj Kumar who did not give any positive response to release the fund. 


The officer again visited Ministry of Agriculture  G.O.I. in the Month of October to pursue the case regarding release of funds.

Oct. 2003

The G.O.I. did not  release the funds.


Further efforts were also made by Mayor M.C. and Minister A. H., H.P. for release of funds


The G.O.I.  did not  release the funds


Further efforts made for funds from the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry  of Urban Development, Ministry of Food processing  industries, Ministry of Animal Husbandry/ Fisheries for funding the project vide letter No. MCS/ Comm/ Slaughter/ 2003-317 



Ministry of Urban Development was again personally visited by the Commissioner and V.P.H.O, M.C.Shimla to get funds under I.D.S.M.T.

November, 2003

The Ministry of Urban Development G.O.I. did not consider the proposal. 


Matter was taken up again with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries vide letter LSG-F ( 3-1/95



 Ministry  had desired to full fill some codal formalities


The documents desired by the Ministry of Food Processing were submitted  vide letter No. MCS/Co./2000-4808


The Ministry of Food Processing agreed to fund 33% of project cost maximum to 4 Crore (which ever is less)


Subsequently  State Govt. was requested to arrange 67%  of total funds as M.C. does not have resources.


The ministry of Food Processing Industries  G.O.I. vide letter No. F.No.II(4)/8/2004- M&MP. Work to submit the details of finances with in 30 days


Ministry desired to submit the details of finances  to be arranged by the M.C./ State Govt.


The tenders for the inception (starting of the  construction floated by H.P. Housing Board amounting  to Rs. 1365.82 lacs.vide letter No. HB: 15-227/96-Tech.-Vol-I .


The evaluation of the bid kept pending by H.P. Housing Board as the amount demanded by them was not handed over

Further Course of Action:-

1. Out of the funds allocated by the Govt amounting to Rs. 135.75 lakh, Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 12,98,700  were released to the HP Housing Board  on 23.5.2002 and 27.12.2002. The balance amount has been spent by the Municipal Corporation Shimla on other developmental works in the town. As a result  as of date no funds available for this purpose with the Municipal Corporation.

2. Although, the Ministry of Food Processing  Industries  had consented  to provide 33% of the project cost  or 4.00 Crores  which ever is less of the project submitted amounting to Rs. 19.43 Crores. Since the tenders amounting to Rs. 13.65 Crores have been finalized hence the balance amount is to  be provided by  the H.P. Govt. or from any other sources.

3. It is also suggested that the civil work will be started in phased manner as and when the arrangement of funds are finalize keeping in view the scope of future expansion and modernization of Modern Slaughter House.