The Municipal Corporation Shimla has a an elected body of 28 councillors out of which 25 Councillors are elected and 3 are nominated by the Govt. of HP amongst the prominent citizens of the town who excel in the field of social service, academics and other activities. The tenure of the corporation is five years. The Elections were held  in May, 2012.

             The Mayor and Deputy Mayor is elected directly by electorate. Mayor and Deputy Mayor both have the same tenure of five years after which new elections are held. Presently, Sh. Sanjay Chauhan is the Mayor and Sh. Tikender Panwar is the Deputy Mayor of the Corporation.








                          DEPUTY MAYOR


                        STANDING COMMITTEES





          3.                SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE.       

Hon’ble Mayor, Dy-Mayor & Councillor ( 2012-2017)  


Name Designation Address Ward No. & Area
1. Sh. Sanjay Chauhan Mayor AAshiya,Panthagati,Shimla-9  --
2. Sh.Tikender Singh Panwar Dy.Mayor Panwar Lodge,Airport road,Totu,Shimla  --
3. Smt. Kala Sharma Councillor 7-Sant Cottage,Bharari,Shimla 1-Bharari
4. Smt. Saroj Thakur Councillor Krishna  Cottage,Ruldhu Bhatta,Shimla 2-Ruldhu Bhatta
5. Km. Kanta Suyal Councillor Hari  Cottage,Lower Kaithu shimla 3-Kaithu
6. Smt. Laxmi Kashyap Councillor Kashyap Niwas,Kaithu,Annadale,Shimla. 4-Annadale
7. Km. Diksha Thakur Councillor Thakur Niwas,Andri,Summerhill,Shimla 5-Summer Hill
8. Smt.Nirmla Chauhan Councillor Chauhan Niwas,Shiv Nagar,Totu,Shimla 6-Tutu
9. Smt. Usha Lakhanpal Councillor LakhanPal Niwas,TaraDevi,Shimla-10 7-Boileauganj
10. Smt.Uma Kaushal Councillor Hira Niwas,Tutikandi,Shimla 8-TutiKandi
11. Sh.Shashi Shekhar(Chinu) Councillor Pathnia Niwas,Lal Kothi,Lower Phagli,Shimla 9-Nabha
12. Sh.Kalyan Chand Dhiman Councillor Lal Kothi,Phagli,Shimla 10-Phagli
13. Smt. Rajni Councillor Labour Hostal,Krishnanager,Shimla 11-Krishna Nagar
14. Smt.Sushma Kuthiala Councillor 78-Butail Niwas,Ram Bazar,Shimla 12-Ram Bazar
15. Smt.Bharti Sood Councillor 34/1,Sita Ram Nathu Ram Bhawan,Lower Bazar,Shimla 13-Lower Bazar
16. Sh.Manoj Kutiyala Councillor Ever Gildi Cottage, Jakhu, Shimla. 14-Jakhu
17. Sh.Anup Vaid Councillor Ved Cottage,Stocks Place,Shimla. 15-Benmore
18. Sh.Sushant Keprate Councillor Shanta Niwas,Sanjauli,Shimla-6 16-Engine Ghar
19. Smt. Satya Kaundal Councillor Mayur Niwas,North Oak,Sanjauli,Shimla-9 17-Sanjauli Chowk
20. Sh. Shailender Chauhan Councillor Bekta Niwas,near Durga Mandir,Dhalli,Shimla-12 18-Dhalli
21. Sh.Narinder Thakur Councillor Vill. Gahan, P.O.KamlaNagar, Sanjauli, Shimla. 19-Chamiyana
22. Sh.Kuldeep Thakur Councillor Vill. Shanan, P.O. Malyana,Shimla 20-Maliyana
23. Smt. Kusum Thakur Councillor Mohit Villa,Kasumpati,Shimla-9 21-Kasumpati
24. Sh.Surinder Chauhan Councillor Octagan Lodge,Set No.-1.Chota Shimla-2 22-Chotta Shimla
25. Sh.Deepak Rohal Councillor Rohal Villa,Sector-1,New Shimla-9 23-Patiyog
26. Sh.Parveen Kumar Councillor Savitri Niwas,Khalini,Shimla-2 24-Khalini
27. Sh.Alok Pathania Councillor Anand Villa,Talland,Shimla-1 25-Kanlog