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Shimla has been covered under Jawahar Lal Uran Renewal Mission (JNNURM) which was launched by the Prime Minister of India in the month of Dec, 2005 for developing basic infrastructure in 63 cities of India.  For this mission an amount of Rs 50,000 cores has already been ear-marked by the Govt of India  to be spent during next seven years and equal amount is to be  contributed by the State Govts and the respective Municipalities. For special categories states like Himachal the pattern of funding is in the ratio of 80:10:10 between Govt of India, the State Govt and the local Municipality.

During the next financial year there is a proposal to overhaul the water distribution system of shimla town by replacing the old worn out water distribution lines with new lines of the greater diameters. Also, the old sewerage system of the town will be integrated with the new sewerage system. In addition, to meet the growing demand of the parking six parking lots on BOT basis will be constructed in the town.  It is also under consideration to shift the solid waste management plant form the present location to another suitable site with the latest state of the art technology feasible for Shimla.

For implementation of above schemes under JNNURM the Municipal Corporation Shimla has made a provision of Rs 2.5 crores in its budget for the year 2006-07.

Following are the tentative development plan of Shimla town to be undertaken during ths project period.

This City Development Plan caters for entire Shimla Urban Agglomeration, which consists of Municipal Area, Special Areas and adjoining rural areas. It envisages for the requirements of present population of the town, dependent regional population and tourists based on season. Hence, the proposals have been finalized in view of community aspirations, present and future scenario of the town, series of deliberations held with professional experts, stakeholders and the community of the town.  It is a document of common man, a document of the public/community and that of the local bodies, Development Authority, Special Area Development Authorities and the Government.

After taking a prudent look on the infrastructure available in the town, the prevailing problems and the future projections the following basic infrastructure is proposed to be created during the mission period in next 20-25 years.



Shimla town has serious problem or traffic congestion due to peculiar geography and age old construction.  Moreover, the road infrastructure in the town was created in very old times to cater the needs of the then populations and little progress was made in this regards subsequently. With the passage of time we increase the population and inflow of the tourist the traffic congestion has no taken a serious turn.

Hence, the following measures are suggested to improve the road network of the town.

1.1 Widening and strengthening of major and arterial roads.

All the major and arterial roads are proposed to be widened whenever possible  by cutting, filling, construction of retaining walls and breast walls etc.

1.2 Construction of bye-pass Roads      

The Central Area is heavily loaded with traffic. East-West National Highway and Circular road are problematic. Most of the traffic is proposed to be diverted by construction of bye passes as under:

i.  Sanjauli Bye pass (4.7 km.): It has been observed that traffic volume at the Sanjauli Chowk is about 5000 PCU,s per hour and by the

year 2021 traffic volume is  likely to be about 10000 PCU,s on an average. Therefore, Sanjauli Bye Pass road has been proposed from

Government Boys Hostel (on circular road) to the junction of the Kufri- Mashobra Road.

ii.  Kufri Bye pass (0.7 km): In order to reduce the traffic congestion in Kufri Bazaar Area, this bye pass has been proposed from P.H.C

Kufri to beyond Kufri Bazaar on Kufri- Fagu road.

       iii.  Panthaghati- Tara Devi alternate bye pass in between existing upper and lower bye passes measuring  8 kms. has been proposed to  constructed.

iv.  Totu to Kufta Dhar-Naldehra bye pass measuring 12 kms. has been proposed.

v.    Ghanahatti-Jubbarhatti-Shoghi bye pass measuring 15 kms. to bye pass the traffic of both the National Highways.


Following tunnels are proposed to be constructed  in the town namely:

i.  Tunnel No. I : From Tawi to Barrier measuring 0.7 km. at an altitude of 1990 metres from mean sea level.

ii. Tunnel No. II : From Kanlong to Shanahan measuring 2.2 km. at an altitude of 1960 metres from mean sea level, on Shimla Bye pass.

iii.  Tunnel No. III : From HimFed Petrol Pump on Cart Road to Cancer Hospital Nallah at Snowdon area measuring, 0.9 km. at an altitude

of 2180 metres  from mean sea level.

iv.  Tunnel No. IV:  Below Bharari-Poabo Spur for northern bye pass road

v.    Lowering and widening  of Tunnel below Aukland house


Education institution particularly the schools are the places of traffice congestion which are characterized by regular traffics jam.  It is proposed to build some overhead bridges and subways near following institutions.

i. Near St Edwards School

ii. Near Tara Hall School

iii. Main Bus Stand to Lal Pani

iv. Tutikandi School Chowk

Also, as of now there are a number of roads in the town which do not have pedestrian paths. Hence, it is proposed to construct pedestrian paths on all roads of the town.

In addition, the pedestrain over bridges are proposed at:-

i.  Lakkar Bazaar bus Stand

ii.  Auckland

iii.  Sanjauli

iv.  St Bedes’ College

v.    Chhota Shimla

vi.   Police Head-quartes

vii.  Near Holiday Home


The number of lanes which connect the bye-pass and circular road to the main town are very limited. Hence, more number of connecting lanes and  arterial roads from these outer roads to the main town  are proposed.


There is lot of potential scope for installation of ropeways, cable cars or monorails in the town. Following ropeways are proposed to be constructed in the town:

i.   Dhingu Devi Temple to JakhooTemple

ii.  Jakhoo Temple to Sankat Mochan via Ladies Park and Main bus Stand

iii. Sankat Mochan to Tara Deve Temple

iv.Tara Devi temple to Kamna  Devi Temple


In order to make the landing of big air-crafts possible the Jubbar Hatti Air Port is proposed to be expanded.


There are a number of commercial and Govt.  establishments in the town which are the one of the major reasons for congestion in the town. Hence these establishments are proposed to be shifted out of the town as per feasibility. These are:-

a) Shifting of Anaz Mandi

b) Shifting of Subzi Mandi

c) Shifting of Transport Companies

d) Shifting of Timber Market

e) Shifting of Thana Sadar

f)  Shifting of District Courts

g) Shifting of bakeries

h) Shifting of Revoli Bus Stand, old Bus Stand of Gurudwara Sahib, Bus Stand of Secretariat, Bus Stand of Sanjauli and Dhali etc.


There is wide gap between the requirement and availability parking space in the town which results in the serious traffic congestion.  The tourist inflow to the town further aggravates the problem. Hence, parking lots are proposed at strategic locations which could further be interlinked by elevators with the Mall.

The parking lots are proposed at following points:-

a. Near High Court

b. Near Secretariat/Chotta Shimla

c. Sanjauli Bus Stand

d. Near IGMC

e. Near Willows Hotel

f.  At Lakkar Bazar

6. The elevators connected the Mall Road are proposed at:-

a. Lakkar Bazar Bus Terminal to the Ridge

b. Near Snowdon on cart Road to Lakkar Bazar

c. Bemloe on cart Road to the Mall

d. Office Complex Kasumpati from bye Pass to Kasumpati Road.


In order to ensure adequate drinking water supply to the town, the existing water supply system and schemes are proposed to be overhaul and augmented. This will be including:-

a. Replacement of old worn out water main lines- craignano to Sanjauli

b. Additional Storage capacity (storage tank at Jakhoo) and in suburban areas

c. Improvement of water distribution system by replacing ½” pipes & installation of bulk meters

d. Augmentation of drinking water schemes

e. Preservation of water bodies

The sewerage system will be improved by:-

a. Laying sewerage lines in the town

b. Remodeling of toilets

c. Chanalization of Nallahs

d. Protection of Nallahs banks


Shifting of Garbage Processing Plant presently situated at Shimla Bye-pass to Tara Devi - Totu Road and constructed it with all the latest technology.


To construct tourist attraction and amusement facilities to the public it is proposed:

b) Development of Parks

c) Development of play grounds

d) Construction of auditoriums and community centres

e) Construction of marriage hall.

f) Development of ice skating rink to that of International Standars

g) Development of Naldehra Golf Course


 The following tourist attractions are proposed to be created in the town.

a. Development of Picnic Spots (improvement of Glen)

b. Construction of water bodies and lakes.

c. Improvement of Falls e.g. Chadwick falls

d. Improvement of Forests and creating tourist attractions in them.

e. Generation  of  Heritage Walks

f.  Improvement of Jakhoo Temple Complex, Kamna Devei, Complex, Sankat Mochan Complex etc.

g. Improvement of Gole Pahari Tuti Kandi


A comprehensive landscaping of the town is proposed by

a) Road Side Plantations

b) Restoration of retaining walls and breast walls

c) Replacement of railings in main areas of the town

d) Construction of escalators to replace stairs

e) Repair and reconstruction of Nallahs

f)  To improve and strengthen the drainage system in the town

g) Construction of lifts

h) Restoration of heritage buildings/areas

i)  Development of rain shelters

j)  Improvement of street light systems

12 Construction of Electric Crematorium

13 Creation of mini-industrial centre near bye-pass

14 Maintenance and up keep of Heritage Buildings

15 Soil Conservation by strengthening the Main Nallahs of the town.

16 Construction of New Shopping Complexes.

17 Creation of Housing Facilities for

a. The poor of the town

b. The labor

c. The working women