The Municipal Corporation Shimla has also been entrusted with the task of planned and systematic development vis-à-vis maintaining the heritage of the town. This branch assigned this task. It was created as a new branch in the year 1989 prior to which it used to be a part of Roads and Building branch. It is headed by an Architect Planer who is on deputation from the Govt. of  HP.

  The Commissioner, M.C.Shimla with the assistance of Architect Planner is competent  to approved  all kind of Planning Permission cases in the Open Area. The planning permission cases of Restricted Area are examined by the Architect Planning Branch and thereafter same is referred to the Director, Town and Country Planning for the relaxation. The building permission cases falling in the Core Area are processed and thereafter referred  to the State Govt. for approval.


      This department mainly deals with the regulation of constructions in the Municipal Areas, their supervision and  other related matters. The areas of operation of this department are as under:

   1. Processing the cases for the approval of planning permission for buildings and other constructions.
Dealing with the matters related to the  sub division plans of the lands/estates.
Issuing completion certificates of the buildings and NOC’s for other services like water, electricity etc.
To take the cognizance of  unauthorised constructions on the private lands and registering the case in competent courts.
Working as a nodal agency for the Restricted Areas,  Core Areas and Heritage Zones of the Shimla Planning Area.

Detecting unauthorised constructions.

1. Any person without the approval of M.C.Shimla raises any type of structure as specified in the Act ibid and Bye Laws, the notice u/s 253 of H.P.M.C Act, 1994 is issued. Thereafter, proceedings are initiated before the Commissioner for the alleged U.A.C .The demolition orders are passed for the construction raised beyond the provision of the Act and Bye Laws/ I.D.P

2. In case of unauthorised construction as per the provision of the Act, civic amenities can also be withdrawn after issuing the notice to the owner. The all concerned deptts. are apprised/ informed  on the behest of the  orders of the Commissioner to take the appropriate action.

3. The demolition orders passed by the Commissioner, are executed on the spot  by the Architect Planner with the assistance of  Executive Engineer(R&B) M.C.Shimla.

4. If owner of the building/ party aggrieved by the orders of Commissioner, M.C.Shimla approach the Civil Court, the same is defended by providing the technical assistance to the Law Branch.

Administrative Set Up

1.     Architect Planner          B.Arch/ Planner/ TownPlanner.
2.    Junior Engineer             M.E/B.E/ A.M.I.E/ Diploma

3.    Draughtsman               Diploma. 

4.    P.W.A                        Sr.Asstt.  

5.    P.W.C                        Clerk    

6.   Typist                         Well conversant with computer.

7.   Ferro Printer                 Expert to operate Ferro Printing Machine


Notification - Regarding Himachal Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act,2011

Proceedings of the 46 Meeting of SUC Held on 17-06-2015